Career Development
Career Development
YMTC attaches great importance to the sustainable vocational development of its staff.The company provides employees with a dual-track approach for their career development, which is beneficial to the company and the staff as well.
Career Development Channel
Training System

In order to help the employees to reach their full potential in business and seek the greatest development possibility, the company established a systematic training system to provide substantial and diversified training and development opportunities to the staff, including:

  • 1 New employee orientation: short term centralized training, and two-week long closed military training camp specially targeted the fresh graduates
  • 2 On Job Training:Mentoring system, and phased training to help the employee to improve skills and
  • 3 Professional skill training: Lecture by technical experts from the most-known institutions domestically and internationally, workshop and sharing by Doctors and experts inside the company
  • 4 General and management training: to improve the professionalism, qualification and competency to
  • 5 Career promotion related training: includes new manager training, new director training, comprehensive leadership training and new position qualification training
  • 6 E-learning system with comprehensive curriculum
  • 7 On-the –job diploma education and tailored master classes organized by the company, work together with top universities to develop talents in two-way career development chan nels.
Equal and Sharing Learning Enviornment

Employees are encouraged by the company to bring forth new ideas and share them with each other. Technical workshop and seminars are organized in the departments regularly. At the same time, it is encouraged to introduce brilliant ideas and tools from outside of the company. The company advocates the spirit of continuous learning, embracing change and leading innovations by all this incentives. The company has set up an internal communication platform for employees to exchange ideas and meet challenges.