XMC Produces First Working Silicon for Spansion’s 32nm Memory Technology
XMC Produces First Working Silicon for Spansion’s 32nm Memory Technology

Key milestone reached in XMC-Spansion partnership for NOR Flash product line

WUHAN, China, June 26, 2014 -- XMC, a leading technology and development foundry for memory products, today announced it has achieved first working silicon on 32-nanometer (nm) process. This result is the first critical milestone of the process development partnership that XMC and Spansion announced last year. The milestone is an important validation of XMC’s leading-edge process development capability, and underscores the strength of the companies’ long term development partnership strategy. The partnership also includes production of Spansion’s proprietary 65nm and 45nm Flash memory technology.

“This is a significant step in our technical validation of our leading edge 32 nm memory technology. We are pleased with our continued partnership with XMC. XMC has a proven track record of manufacturing leading edge technology in this field. Our future products on 32nmwill provide our global customer base with high densities, fast read performance and Spansion-grade quality,” said Joe Rauschmayer, senior vice president of wafer fabrication, corporate quality and product engineering at Spansion.

Demand for Flash memory from embedded applications continues to rise as devices become more interconnected and applications are increasingly more feature-rich with enhanced graphics and immersive user interfaces. The 32nm-based products represent Spansion’s seventh generation of its MirrorBit charge trapping technology, which provides a scalable alternative to floating-gate technology.

“We are proud of the advanced technology achievements our partnership with Spansion has realized,” said Dr. Walter Lange, senior vice president of Marketing and Sales at XMC. “Our ability to develop and produce high quality working silicon at the 32nm node is another indication of the great progress XMC has made in establishing itself as a top global supplier and trusted partner for world class companies.”

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