XMC and GigaDevice Celebrate Wafers Shipment to Hit 100K
XMC and GigaDevice Celebrate Wafers Shipment to Hit 100K

May 30, 2014, XMC and GigaDevice today announced a new milestone that over 100 thousandNOR flash wafers, designed by GigaDevice and manufactured by XMC have been shipped.

Yiming Zhu, Chairman and CEO of GigaDevice said: “100 thousand shipped wafers is a milestone we can be truly proud of. A true measure of any partnership is the business it brings. Our ability to go to market withdevices produced on XMC’s state of the art manufacturing line is a strong foundation for future cooperation.”

“We are very proud of our leadership position in memory products. As China’s leading developer and producer of memory technologies it is a pleasure to have a partnership with a leading producer of memory products in China.”Jizeng Wang, Chairman of XMC said, “As China’s leading supplier of NOR Flash products, GigaDevice complements our technology and manufacturing strengths. We look forward to further leading edge collaborations in the future.”

The XMC and GigaDevice collaboration began in 2011. Based on XMC’s advanced 300mm wafer production, the two companies worked together to develop various high-speed, low-power NOR Flash products. 



About XMC

XMC is a leading edge semiconductor manufacturing company of memory technologies, with a strong focus on developing unique partnerships and specialized technologies. The company offers comprehensive 300mm foundry services built on proven technology expertise and a commitment to excellence in customer service. It first began production in 2008 and is headquartered in Wuhan, China. More information can be found at

About GigaDevice

GigaDevice, the leading provider of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) semiconductor, is the first professional IC design company engaged in memory and related chip design in China established in 2005. GigaDevice dedicates itself to developing top-notch home-grown technologies and improving its manufacturing capability to offer its customers high quality products and services. More information can be found at

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