XMC CEO Simon Yang Attends “2014 GSA Global Leadership Summit”
XMC CEO Simon Yang Attends “2014 GSA Global Leadership Summit”

2014 by invitation only Global Leadership Summit, the most renowned event of Global Semiconductor Alliance was held at Shanghai on March 20. This summit is one of the most important events in the global semiconductor industry, gathering high level executive industry leaders from all over the world. CEO of XMC Dr. Simon Yang, who also sits on GSA Asia Pacific Leadership Council, was invited to attend this leadership summit.

The biennial GSA GLS is a significant platform for executives from semiconductor and electronics industries, to share their insights and discuss the future prospects. The theme of GLS this year was “Game Changers”, primarily tackling the topics “smart devices”, “Internet of Things”, “Cloud Computing”, “Data Mining” and “Big Data”, etc. through in-depth discussion. The summit gathers thought leaders from the world renowned semiconductor and electronics companies, including key executives from Intel,Broadcomm, Qualcomm, TSMC, Spreadtrum and so on.

The CEO of XMC Dr. Yang was invited to attend the panel discussion with topic “How Companies Are Playing China?” Since China today has produced a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs, the panel focuses on the discussion of how they have learned along the way and how they have used these lessons to capture local ingenuity and creativity in order to build technology companies that compete on a global scale.

“How to manufacture high quality products, how to strengthen partnership and IP protection, these are the key questions we need to focus on to better develop China’s semiconductor industry. ”Dr. Yang said in his speech, “As one of the China’s major semiconductor manufacturing companies, XMC is moving toward this direction and on its path to be truly world class partner. Since XMC’s independent operation last year, it has installed a world class international management team, established comprehensive IP coverage and continued to enhance deep partnership with key partners. XMC represents a new breed of Chinese company and will play an increasingly important role in China’s semiconductor industry. ”

Dr. Walt Lange, Senior Vice President at XMC was also invited to attend the summit and VIP dinner and made effective communications with industry veterans from all over the world on some key topics.